Get ready for the
meme economy

Dank Bank will soon let you trade and collect authentic, licensed, grass-fed NFTs of memes and other iconic moments in internet history. It's like stonks, but with memes.

Resident Memelords

We at Dank Bank are grateful to call such meme icons as Kyle Craven aka "Bad Luck Brian", Blake Boston aka "Scumbag Steve" and Harry Jones ("@a") members of our dankvisory board. We know what you’re thinking: “wow, thats an awful lot of cool cats for one company, should I be concerned that Dank Bank is too well positioned to disrupt the meme industry?” Yes, you should be.

Advisor - Internet legend
Advisor - Internet legend
Harry (@a)
Meme Anthropologist
Chief Meme Officer

How it works

How to Navigate the World’s First Meme Stonk Exchange


Spend your hard earned coin on original NFTs of some of the dankest, drippiest moments in internet history minted by the creators themselves. Be the envy of your... internet friends.


Have you ever heard of stocks? Dank Bank lets you trade shares of memes just like your grandpappy used to trade Pink Sheets from his BarcaLounger. Memes, the cultural asset that they are, love to fluctuate up and down in price. Feeling bold? Try buying low and selling high. Feeling bolder? Try buying high and selling low.


What's that? Your memes have appreciated? Wow! Sounds like you should go to the market page, sell them, and enjoy those monstrous monetary gains. Congratulations, you’re a real diamond-handed chad.

Welcome to the Meme Economy

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